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Buy Local! When you buy from a "Mom and Pop" business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping your neighbors and friends pay their mortgage and electric bills, or for their children's education. Thank you for supporting small business! (Anonymous from Facebook)

Who is Wine World?

Wine World is a family owned and operated local business. Doris and Bud are a father and daughter team who bought Wine World in 2013. Bud has always had "owning a liquor store" on his "bucket list". They both live right on the Danbury/Bethel border, and have always lived in Connecticut. Their vision is to provide a friendly, courteous, beautiful store where customers feel welcome, and will enjoy the shopping experience. We have been working on increasing our stock levels, and are always available to either "Special Order"  a product, or many times add a new product to our regular stock at customer's requests.

We currently have over 850 different wines, 240 different beers, and 150 different liquors. The store is well lit with wide aisles, and is kept extremely clean at all times. The parking and handicap access situation is well above average for any local business. We listen to our customer's suggestions and not only welcome, but also encourage feedback on any of a wide range of topics such as which wines are better, what we should stock, how our prices compare, etc.

The store has a full time manager - Jim -  and several part-time workers - Jenn, Steve, Debra, Mick, and Max. During busy hours we always try to have enough staff so that there are no excessive wait times to check out.

On Saturdays, we foster a light-hearted atmosphere with wine and cheese tastings, asking for feedback for our customers, and providing exceptional service.